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Sad little me...

I feel bad that I haven't been updating at all in this community, nor have I been able to really get it going the way I had planned. I am glad that I've gotten to meet a few fabulous people, though, so I don't consider it a waste (and I'm not quite giving up on the idea yet). ;)

I did have a request for you obsessive music types out there though. :) I've been wanting to find some new music to listen to lately, and I'm hoping you guys can help me. Do me a favor and post about your favorite music obsessions. If you just have one - great - tell me about them and maybe some favorite songs or favorite lyrics, whatever you prefer. If you have several, make a list or do whatever you like.

You can include pictures/lyrics/links - whatever. I'm just hoping to find some new music to listen to and I figure the best place to get it is from other people much like me. :)

Now, I'm gonna do a bit of promoting for two communities that I've found that I love. I promoted for another sorting community on here earlier, and I'm sad to say that it didn't turn out to be as much fun as I had hoped. :( But I found one that's quite good if you seriously like to discuss Harry Potter and want to find yourself in a friendly place with other fans. Keep in mind though, it's called elite for a reason, and you do have to actually think about your application before submitting it (and I highly suggest that you read the user info too).

Also, my the RPG community that I joined is still going strong and we're having a great time. We have new RPG folks, veterans and a nice mix of regular first person journal posting and some story-line 3rd person styles (if you don't know what I mean, trust me, it's easy to catch on).

If any of you would like to join, you should definitely come look around and pick a character you'd like to audition for (or even make up your own original character if you prefer). :) It's fun, I promise:

Anyway, join either if you want to get a bit more Potter action (click on the images to go to the community info pages), and hopefully I'll get some great music suggestions. :)
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